Is it safe to use an extension cord for an electric fireplace heater? The short answer is we don't recommend it. Extension cords can overheat and increase the risk of fire. But that said, you can use an extension cord safely if you observe a few rules.

How to Use an Extension Cord with an Electric Fireplace


#1 Use the Right Cord

Use number 14 AWG minimum size and rated no less than 1875 watts. The extension cord must be a three wire cord with grounding type plug and cord connection. Lastly, the extension cord should not be longer than 20 feet.

#2 Look for Other Options

If you have an unused gas or wood burning fireplace and mantel surround, you might consider converting into a functioning feature of the home by inserting an electric fireplace log set.

It is typical to have an outlet on the wall right beside the fireplace mantel surround. With electric fireplace cords typically between six and seven feet long, you could insert an electric fireplace in your existing fireplace and not have to use an extension cord at all.

#3 Do Not Use Damaged Cords

Do not operate an electric fireplace with a damaged cord, damaged extension cord, or damaged plug as this can be a fire hazard.

Contact the cord manufacturer to see if the cord is under warranty for replacement of a damaged cord. You can have a cord repaired by a qualified service technician. Otherwise, purchase a new cord.

#4 Don't Hide Cords

Don't try to conceal the cords under the rug to hide them as this can be a fire hazard.

#5 Keep It Temporary

Extension cords are one of the leading cause of electrical fires and should only be used on a temporary basis. When they are unplugged, store them in a safe place and never use one that feels hot or looks exposed. 


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