Thin Wall Mount Fireplaces

About Slim Electric Fireplaces

For a narrower profile, go with a slim electric fireplace. These are generally wall mounted but don’t require recessing to get that minimal profile. Available in various widths, each has a slim profile of less than five inches.

What's the Narrowest Electric Fireplace?

The slimmest electric fireplaces come in at about four inches deep. They include all the perks of a regular electric fireplace but in a narrower profile. They can heat over 400 square feet and can be plugged in or hardwired.

How Much Depth Does an Electric Fireplace Need?

Most models need anywhere from four to 12 inches of depth. If you desire a narrower profile, look at a model that can be recessed. These allow you to bring the fireplace flush with the wall for a zero profile installation. Gain an understanding of how much room is available in your wall before you select your electric fireplace.