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Water Vapor Inserts

About Water Vapor Fireplaces

Utilizing ultrasonic technology, the water vapor fireplace uses water vapor in combination with LED lighting to create the stunning illusion of smoke and dancing flames. The overall effect is truly remarkable and life-like, so much so that more often than not, people will assume it is a real burning fire. We offer several, including Dimplex's patent pending Opti-myst technology.

How Do Water Vapor Fireplaces Work?

Water vapor fireplaces project light on fine water vapor to produce a look and movement that can’t be replicated by anything other than mother nature herself. The water vapor is generated by an ultrasonic evaporator. The water vapor rises in the warm environment and catches the light and movement that mimics a flame.

Do Water Vapor Fireplaces Give Off Heat?

The actual flames in a water vapor fireplace are not warm and do not produce heat. However, like most electric fireplaces, the units come equipped with a heater that does produce heat. These provide supplemental heat for a space up to 400 square feet.