Firebacks & Andirons

About Fireplace Andirons

A fireplace andiron is a pair of horizontal bars on legs place inside a fireplace that are designed to support burning logs and keeps them from sitting on the floor of the firebox. They can be highly decorative or simple. Sometimes, especially in electric fireplaces, they are only decorative and serve no functional purpose. They complete the look of a fireplace and make it feel more cozy and realistic.

Andiron Styles

Our collection of andirons range in style from classic and traditional to modern and contemporary. They come in cast iron type looks, brass designs, and even stainless steel chrome looks. You can find clean-lined designs or more ornate patterns. From rustic to refined, you’ll find the right fireplace andirons right here.

Other Electric Fireplace Accessories

You can combine andirons with other fireplace accessories to complete your fireplace look. Andirons go well with fireplace screens or a grate. They especially look nice with an electric fireplace log set. They add a touch of charm that finishes the look with panache.