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Fireplace Trim Kits

About Electric Fireplace Trim

Electric fireplace trim and trim kits allow you to finish your fireplace with a seamless, completed look. Trim can be especially helpful if you are converting an existing fireplace. They will make the transition from a flush mounted fireplace to the wall and back simple. Trim comes in wider options several inches high or in a more low-profile slim look. Check out a floating mantel version for a more pronounced trim look.

Electric Fireplace Trim Installation

Trim requires some assembly before installation, however, it is easy to put together and easy to install. Depending on your firebox and its placement, you may only need to install three sides of trim rather than four. Be sure to check specifications before you begin assembly and installation.

Finding the Right Trim for Your Fireplace

For the most part, you will need to find a trim made specifically for your fireplace make and model. Be sure to check measurements carefully as well or your trim won’t fully cover your fireplace.