See-Through Fireplace Inserts

About See Through Electric Fireplaces

If a standard fireplace isn’t dramatic enough for you, the see through electric fireplace will be. These unique designs allow you to imagine beyond the usual and let you to turn your fireplace into the visual center of your home. A see through electric fireplace opens up your view of the fire to include not just the front, but the back as well.

Multi-Sided Electric Fireplace Installation

Get multiple installation options that allow you to create a truly one-of-a-kind focal feature in your room (or two rooms). These versatile fireplaces can be built into a peninsula wall or between two rooms. You’ll get edge-to-edge viewing areas and expand your view of the exquisite and realistic flame effects from two different perspectives.

What Is a Peninsula Fireplace?

The peninsula fireplace is a three sided fireplace that juts out into the room and exposes three full sides. It’s a unique design that separates the room and makes the fireplace a focal point of the space. You can use see through electric fireplaces for a peninsula design as well.