Linear In-Wall Electric Fireplaces

About In Wall Fireplaces

The in-wall or recessed fireplace is a design where the fireplace sits back into the wall and has a flat front that's flush with the wall. It doesn't usually include a hearth or mantel. They are very minimal and perfect for a contemporary design. Linear styles are especially popular for in-wall electric fireplaces. These are long rectangular fireplaces perfectly suited for modern applications.

Can an Electric Fireplace Be Installed in a Wall?

Built-in electric fireplaces can be recessed into a wall and sit flush with the surrounding wall depending on the model you select. They do not require venting. In-wall fireplaces often require professional installation unless you already have the space prepared where the fireplace will be inserted. Recessed electric fireplaces also need to be hardwired or have access to an outlet within the wall. An electrician or electric fireplace installer can assist with that.

Do In-Wall Fireplaces Need to Be Vented?

No. Electric fireplaces do not have any emissions that require venting. This is what makes them ideal as recessed fireplaces. They can be installed without any venting but they may require specialized wiring or hardwiring rather than plug-in installation.