About Amanti

Amanti contemporary electric fireplaces include distincitive inserts, glass backed, and wall-mount fireplaces. Their attention to detail in both the technology and design produces top-of-the-line fireplaces you can enjoy in any room of the house for many years to come.

Choose from our wide selection of styles and features by Amanti for the perfect match for your home's layout and design.

Are Amanti Fireplaces Realistic?

Amanit relies on the best in technology to produce its fireplaces. Not only do they have dramatic style, but cutting-edge technology guarantees some of the most realistic flame effects you can get in an electric fireplace. Adjustable flame color and speed allows you to adjust the look to your taste. Many Amanti fireplace models come with sound so you get the full sensory experience.

Is an Electric Fireplace Worth It?

Electric fireplaces can heat large rooms, have flame effects that will make you do a double take, and skip the mess and cost of most other fireplace options. They are easy to install either in an existing fireplace spot or hung or recessed on the wall. Some models are portable. An electric fireplace is an excellent investment that will keep giving year after year.