Electric fireplaces provide an efficient supplemental heating solution for virtually any space. Featuring incredibly realistic flame effects, cost effective functionality, and easy installation, electric fireplaces are also significantly cheaper to operate than gas heaters or an overall thermostat.

Electric fireplaces are also available in a range of attractive designs and styles, including traditional and modern options. Read more to learn about selecting the best electric fireplace for your needs.

Why Choose Electric? Let's Start with the Benefits

  • Cost Savings On Your Heating Bill
    Electric fireplaces are the most efficient supplemental heating option for your home or business. On average, electric fireplaces cost 8-12¢ per hour to run with heat while gas fireplaces cost approximately 17¢ per hour. Unlike gas, electric fireplaces can also be run with or without heat for the enjoyment of a beautiful fire in all four seasons!
    Cost Savings Tip: Many customers employ a strategy called "Zone Heating," using an electric fireplace to heat the room(s) they use the most while keeping their overall thermostat at a lower temperature. Electric fireplaces provide a superior value and very efficient heating strategy for your space.
  • Plug & Play Right Out Of The Box
    Our electric fireplaces use a standard 120-volt outlet, making them as easy to operate as plugging in and turning on.

    Outlet Tip: Consider pairing your new electric fireplace with a Safer Socket Wall Outlet. Safer Socket provides an extra layer of electrical safety for ALL devices that plug into standard outlets, from electric fireplaces, to hair dryers, to televisions. Learn more about Electric Fireplace Accessories.

  • Heating Efficiency
    Electric fireplaces effectively heat between 400-1,000 square feet, providing a warm, comfortable, and adjustable temperature balance.

    Heating Tip: Special Infrared Heaters use a unique infrared technology to transfer heat to nearby objects, providing for an evenly distributed temperature in spaces up to 1,000 square feet.

  • Range of Styles
    From living room mantels to TV & Media Stands, top brands create electric fireplaces in a range of functional forms to suit your needs.

    Design Tip: We supply realistic flame effects of most of the units we carry. Advances in technology by leading brands, including Dimplex' OptiMyst line, have made the flame effects virtually indistinguishable from real fire at a glance.

Do I Need A Built-In Electric Fireplace?

Built-In fireplaces are generally installed directly into a wall or existing fireplace in both new construction and remodel scenarios. These units are ventless which means they can be installed virtually anywhere and on any wall within your home. Many built-ins also feature zero clearance installations which allow them to be installed flush to drywall, tile, wood or other surfaces. Additionally, these electric fireplaces can be enjoyed year round as the flame and heater function independently from one another.

Hard-Wire or Plug Kit?

With most built-in electric fireplaces you have the option of either hard-wired or plug kit installations.

  • Hard-Wired
    Integrating an electric fireplace directly into your home’s electrical grid removes the need for running a cord to a wall outlet and creates a more seamless appearance for your finished product. These units are dual voltage so they can be wired to a standard 120V circuit or even a 240V circuit. You’ll receive supplemental heat for up to 400 Sq. Ft with the 120V and double that, or 800 Sq. Ft., with the 240V.
  • Plug Kits
    For those who want a built-in electric fireplace, but are not comfortable hard-wiring the unit, a plug kit allows the fireplace to be directly plugged into a standard wall outlet. Plug kits simply wire into the exposed wires of the firebox. Using a plug kit, the fireplace will heat 400 Sq. Ft. areas. It should be noted that not all built-in units are designed to be integrated with a plug kit. Please reference the installation guide of your unit for additional information.

Traditional or Contemporary Designs

Depending on the desired look you want for your room, you can choose between traditional log set fireboxes or modern crystal ember bed fireboxes.

  • Log Sets
    Log sets are molded from life-like casts of real burnt pieces of wood. Most feature inner lit logs for added realism as well as pulsating ember beds. Some traditional log set built-in units also feature decorative door options for unique visual upgrades to the fireplace.
  • Crystal Ember Beds
    More contemporary in style, these units feature crushed glass or acrylic crystal ember beds. This unique option produces a stunning visual display as the flame effects reflect off each piece creating a whimsical charm. You can also swap these crystals with river rock, stones or colored glass which can be found at most craft stores to create an entirely different look.

Available Accessories to Consider

  • Wall Control/Thermostat
    Put comfort and ease at your fingertips with a wall mount control panel. Set the desired temperature and adjust flame effects (depending on type of unit) all with the press of a button or turn of a dial. Not all built-in units are compatible with this accessory, so be sure to verify while you are shopping for your insert.
  • Plug-Kit
    As mentioned earlier, a plug-kit easily converts a built-in firebox into a plug-in installation. Simply join the exposed wire ends of the fireplace to the exposed wire ends of the plug-kit, and then plug into a standard wall outlet. Note that a wall control/thermostat cannot be used with a plug kit installation.

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