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Dimplex Wall Mount Electric Fireplaces

About Dimplex Wall Mount Electric Fireplace

Dimplex wall mount electric fireplaces feature a contemporary style is sure to bring both decorative and functional appeal to your space. The flickering flames create a calming ambiance that can be enjoyed year-round either with or without the heater engaged. Models can be surface mounted, recessed or placed on top of a table using the included stand. The linear styling is available up to 74 inches in length.

The realistic flame effects can be adjusted by color, intensity, and glow. You can use it with or without heat for all-season use and heat up to 1000 square feet. Change out the ember bed media for logs, pebbles, glass, etc. Each model comes with a remote control.

How Much Does It Cost to Run a Dimplex Electric Fireplace?

Since the heater and flame features run separately, the amount of electricity required to run a fireplace can vary. If you use both, a general estimate for use is about 1500 watts, which comes out to something in the neighborhood of $.08 per hour (depending on rate of cost in your area). You can also set your fireplace to run in cycles, which can moderate your electricity usage.

Are Wall Mounted Fireplaces Worth It?

Dimplex wall mounted fireplaces are well made, safe, and affordable. They provide supplementary heat and ambiance in any season. Additionally, wall mounted fireplaces are secured to the wall and out of the way, which makes them safer, more visually appealing, and a good use of space.