ClassicFlame 3D Spectrafire Series

About ClassicFlame 3D Spectrafire

ClassicFlame 3D infrared technology sets Spectrafire models apart from the rest. Infrared heating is efficient and can warm even large spaces (up to 1000 square feet). Or you can turn the heater off to enjoy the ambiance without the heat. Spectrafire 3D is prized for its realistic flame effects and easily controlled features.

How Do I Use the Spectrafire Remote?

3D Spectrafire models come with lots of features and a remote control. Once you understand all the options available to you, it’s easy to use the remote to get the perfect experience. Spectrafire has five intensity levels, five flame colors, and five flame speeds. Your remote allows you to control each of these separately. See manufacturer directions for more specific information.

What Is the Most Realistic Electric Fireplace Flame?

The aim of all electric fireplaces is to produce more realistic flames. The technology to make flame effects look more real is always evolving. Spectrafire 3D uses advanced lighting effects to produce an excellent flame experience. Different levels of lighting produce visual depth that makes it look like flames dance behind, in front of, and in between the glowing logs.