Most of the world has spent a lot more time at home over the last several years. Many found that their spaces needed to be more adaptable as work and school shifted to home. Interiors could no longer be just for show. Real, functional spaces were needed as many people started living and working, even vacationing, in their homes in a way they hadn’t before.

Personalization, unique details, and a departure from tradition are the seasoning of living room design in 2024. Here’s a look at 2024’s top living room design trends.

1.  Organic Shapes

The trend toward natural shapes and curves will continue to be hot in 2024. Think softer more fluid looks in the living room this year.

Coming from an era of the crisp lines of Mid-Century Modern popularity, the curving lines of organic shapes is quite a shift. Amoeba-like furniture shapes are the poster child for this trend but there’s more than one way to capitalize on this living room trend. Look to rounded architecture, smoother shapes, and curved lines of all kinds to get the organic vibe in your space.

2.  Multifunctional Spaces

If there’s one thing the pandemic shifted in design it was the need for more flexible spaces. The kitchen table became the office and the living room, the school room. This made a permanent impression on design and the result is spaces that do more than one thing.

One of the most important concepts in multifunctional spaces is zoning. Zoning takes open living spaces and splits them up into areas dedicated to different functions while keeping the space open.

Various things can be used to separate the space including plants, furniture groupings, partial walls, folding room dividers, etc.


Electric fireplace stove in a cozy living room with gray shiplap and furnishings.

3.  Warmth

Spending more time at home caused many people to add warmer elements to minimalistic homes. In 2024, paint colors are warmer, textiles are softer, and there’s more natural light. Designers are adding more lived-in type looks that combine simplicity with reality.

A fireplace adds instant warmth both visually and physically. There’s nothing quite like the effect of dancing orange flames to make the living room feel cozy. A fireplace with mantel, freestanding stove, or contemporary linear fireplace can be added without a remodel. An electric fireplace is pretty much plug and play.

Textiles also play an important role in creating warmth. Softer textures like velvet, boucle, and linen will be big players in living room design trends in 2024.


Cozy living room with glass-sided fireplace.

4.  The Natural

Anything made by mother nature increases groundedness—a concept that slides perfectly into 2024 living room trends. Adding more plants to a space, more natural light, and more earth tones to the palette will introduce visual warmth.

Natural materials are one of the easiest ways to get a more natural feel to your living room. Wood floors with wool rugs are a good place to start. Rustic stone on a feature wall or fireplace surround adds coziness. For a more industrial feel, metal, brick, and exposed wood beams bring natural materials in abundance.


Maximalist styled living room with sage green and orange as the color palette.

5.  Maximalism Reimagined

Minimalism has been the go-to design for several years. But it's time for it to move over for a little more. Traditional maximalism is about adding lots of interest to a space--using up all the space for function or aesthetic. In 2024, maximalism is a bit different. 

This new version of maximalism loads up a space but with meaning. Every object should tell a story and reflect the personality of the inhabitants rather than just filling up space inadvertantly.

6. Non-Traditional Layouts

The days of sofa, love seat, and end tables as the foundation of the room gone. In 2024 the living room layout gets turned on its head. Instead you'll see unique pieces as the anchor of the space with the classics filling in around them. 

This trend also might mean the entrance of non-traditional furnishings in the living room such as day beds, tete-a-tete sofas, even laid back lounge chairs. Layouts will continue to center around gathering but also incorporate livable elements that make this space the multi-tasking center of the home.


Coral walls in a living room with blue velvet accent chair.

7. Warmer Colors

 Along with literal warmth in the living room, warmer aesthetics like textures and colors are in for 2024. Beige is the heavy hitting neutral pushing out gray. Soft greens like sage or olive are popular as well. 

Even if you choose cooler colors, stick to softened versions. Blue is a big player in 2024 but each of them are softened so they feel welcoming and cozy even if they come from traditionally cooler palettes. 


Vintage styled living room with electric fireplace.

8.  Accents with Personality

Unique, personalized details are on-trend in 2024. In fact, it's not unlikely to see entire designs built around favorite accent pieces that set the tone for the space. Accent chairs with flair will be a favorite. Unusual prints and color pairings too will take center stage. 

There are plenty of markets and boutiques selling handmade wares that are perfect for creating personal details. Items that reference personal identity or family favorites are excellent details to add to a design as well.


Small living room with warm colors and lots of plants.

9.  Natural Design

Another multifunctional space getting attention in 2024 is the outdoors. It’s already on trend to create outdoor spaces that are as comfortable and accessible as the indoor spaces, but natural design takes that one step further.

This style blends the two spaces into one. Large glass walls that push back to extend the living room into the backyard will figure into designs now and into the future. This might play out as open air areas inside the house as well as rooms that extend into the outdoors.


Light and airy living room with organic shaped mirrors.

10.  Natural Lighting

Naturals are a recurring theme in 2024 so it won't come as a surprise that natural lighting is on the menu this year. Invite the sunshine in with windows, skylights, and natural light lightbulbs.

Mirrors can also be a helpful element to amplify natural light. Place them opposite windows or in darker corners. Keep in mind that the frame on the mirror can have an impact on the overall aesthetic of the space. 

Gone are the days of perfection. The days of real, lived-in warmth have arrived. A warm, functional home that caters to the needs of a family living and working at home should be reflected in the design. That’s what 2024’s trends are all about.

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