Not Your Mama’s Fireplace


When you think of a fireplace, do you think of warm flames dancing at grandma’s house? Or maybe you think of ashes, soot, and little burn marks in the rug as sparks jump? 

Now picture something completely different. Picture those same dancing flames but without the ashes. Picture a contemporary line of flame effects glistening off a bed of crystals on the wall at waist height. 

The concept of the fireplace has evolved to embrace some very different ideas and styles. With electric fireplaces, you can completely do away with the limitations of a traditional fireplace, soot and sparks included, but still get the ambiance of a fire. 

Electric fireplaces open up the world of possibilities for any home with any kind of design style. Even your mid-century modern style can have a fireplace that doesn’t detract from the aesthetic. 

Curious yet? Come on a little journey with us to discover how stylistically inclusive a fireplace can be.


Farmhouse fireplace in a white living room.

Rustic Electric Fireplace Style

The best rustic electric fireplace options have rough stone or river rock with wooden mantels. They are a classic style beloved for ages. They are also fairly minimal in style so they suit a mid-century modern vibe or even Scandinavian styles.

Industrial Electric Fireplace

Our industrial electric fireplaces provide that wood-burning stove aesthetic and the modern conveniences of electric heat. Each one is free-standing and easy to move, making it simple to spice up any room with several thousand BTUs of supplemental heat.

Traditional Electric Fireplace

Nothing beats tradition, especially when you're looking for a fireplace. Our expansive line of traditional electric fireplaces takes you back in time to the days when everyone would gather around the fireplace for warmth. Rich red colors, wooden logs for display, and freestanding designs are staples of this collection.

Vintage Electric Fireplace

If you want a stylish way to supplement your heat, a vintage electric fireplace is a great place to start. These smaller stove heaters come with decorative features and are ready to use right out of the box. 

Farmhouse Electric Fireplace

Chip and Joanna would be proud of the many options available for a farmhouse electric fireplace style. The nice thing about farmhouse style is that it’s pretty broad.

You can go with a barnwood TV console fireplace or a more traditional fireplace framed with barnwood and a mantel to top it off. You can also swing in the other direction and go for a clean white or black wood frame with some stone.

Amish Electric Fireplace

If you’re a purist in your design styles, you might be interested in an Amish electric fireplace style. These wood-framed fireplaces offer rich wood tones and details that show that you value craftsmanship. You may have interest in a corner unit to add some of that detail you love so much.

Stoves are another way to get that Amish aesthetic. They are freestanding metal units painted in rich colors and are champs at heating.

Accented Marble Electric Fireplace

If you favor minimalism with a touch of luxury, a marble electric fireplace is just the thing for your space. These are elegant and sophisticated without being over the top. They are contemporary with an air of tradition.

Marble fits well in just about any design style. It dresses up a minimal design but can take a back seat in a more opulent design.

 Modern fireplace in a mid-century modern living room.

Mid-Century Modern Electric Fireplace

A top trend for several years, mid-century modern is characterized by clean lines, minimalism, and geometrics. Anything metallic or dark wood is perfect. A mid-century modern electric fireplace balances daytime design when the flame is off with nighttime design when it’s dark. In either case, the fireplace stands out as a beautiful feature of the room.

Victorian Electric Fireplace

The Victorian electric fireplace has plenty of detailing. The more curves and ornateness, the better. It makes a statement in any space. Dark woods are a classic Victorian style, as are white-painted woods. Even black is a good option if there’s enough detail to make it pop.


Contemporary fireplace in a large living room.

Mission Electric Fireplace

The mission style is characterized by two things: rectangular detailing and wood. These mantel-type fireplaces have a symmetrical rectangular decoration that is elegant with a bit of rusticity. Any type of wood works for the mission electric fireplace but warm oak is the material of choice. 

Contemporary Electric Fireplace

One of the most popular styles today, contemporary design gives you greater flexibility to put a fireplace just about anywhere. The most popular contemporary electric fireplace is the wall-mounted version. In particular, the linear type placed up higher on (or in) the wall is a favorite.

Electric fireplaces offer you so much more than your grandmother's or mother’s fireplaces. With so many choices, it’s easy to find the style that’s perfect for your home so you can create a cozy ambiance without all the hassle of the fireplaces of yore.

Not sure which type of fireplace is right for you? Learn more about each type and their differences.

Which Style Is Right for You?