When you’re getting toasty by the fire and enjoying the cozy heat radiating from its flames, it’s pretty unlikely that you’re thinking about the environmental impact of your fireplace. Yet, the truth is, more and more homeowners are concerned about how “green” their consumer choices are, with sustainability moving from a buzzword to a pressing issue.

Whether you care about the good of the planet or you want to make health-conscious decisions regarding the materials and items you use in your home, choosing an electric fireplace is the most energy-efficient heating source you can buy. Having an electric fireplace will greatly reduce your home’s carbon footprint and is 100% efficient at converting electricity to heat.

If sustainable living is your goal, let’s uncover the true “green” advantages of electric fireplaces and learn why they are the best option for environmentally-friendly heating.

 Large, linear electric fireplace recessed into the wall in a living room with concrete surround.

1. No harmful emissions

An undeniable “green” advantage of electric fireplaces, which makes them much more sustainable than any other fireplace model, is the fact that they do not release harmful emissions like greenhouse gasses.

Typically, gas and wood-burning fireplaces rely on natural resources to heat your home, which means they expel harmful gasses and fumes like carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. These are not only bad for the environment, but they’re also detrimental to human health.

With electric fireplaces, however, their ability to produce heat comes solely from electricity, meaning there are no dangerous emissions released when in use. Being emissions-free means you’ll never have to worry about soot, smoke, or greenhouse gasses being unleashed into your home. However, how you power your electric fireplace will determine whether you have a truly zero-emission unit, as most American households get their energy from coal, which is not a “green” source.

 Cozy living room with big, soft couch in front of the electric linear fireplace.

2. Minimal waste

Another “green” advantage is the minimal waste produced by electric fireplaces. Experts claim that up to 50% of all heat produced by gas or wood-burning fireplaces is lost to the chimney, with only a minimal amount actually radiating through the room.

This means that fireplace models which utilize natural resources are incredibly wasteful and therefore not sustainable. By contrast, electric fireplaces are celebrated for their high efficiency. By utilizing infrared and fan-forced heating options, electric models are able to convert 100% of the energy they produce into heat.

Not only is this a better option for the environment, as going with an electric model will reduce the amount of resources needed to heat your living space, but it is also good news for your wallet! Your dollars will stretch much further since you won’t have to worry about heat being lost or having to constantly replenish your supply of wood.

 Electric fireplace in the wall with blue flames with white couch in the foreground.

3. Greater energy efficiency

A final sustainable advantage of electric fireplaces is their energy efficiency. The reason that this type of fireplace is more efficient is because of the concept of zone heating. With zone heating, you can reduce the central thermostat in areas of the home you’re not using, and focus on heating only the spaces you’re inhabiting.

Zone heating will not only lead to cost savings each month, but it is a great way to conserve energy that would otherwise be wasted heating rooms you aren’t using. Electric fireplaces are therefore optimally energy efficient, as they allow for complete control over your heat source with the ability to quickly turn it on or off.

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