Electric fireplaces offer a host of benefits, but a mainstay is that they are a way to help you adopt a greener lifestyle.

An electric fireplace is an economical and environmentally-friendly heater that can help you save up to 15% on your yearly energy bill by allowing you to turn down the central thermostat and only heating the rooms you use the most.

They use much less energy than wood or gas fireplaces and are much safer for your household with no harmful byproducts, making them a great long term investment for your home.

No harmful emissions

Coughing and sneezing because of the cold weather is one thing, but inhaling ash, soot, and smoke is truly unbearable.

Unlike messy wood-burning fires, electric fireplaces don’t require wood logs to create a fire — which that means no harmful emissions to worry about. In the cases of blocked chimneys or cracked flues, wood and gas fireplaces can emit dangerous substances directly into your home, leaving you and your loved ones vulnerable to several health risks.

Operating off just a standard electrical outlet as a heat source, there is absolutely no possibility of this happening with an electric fireplace.

Because electric fireplaces don't emit any harmful emissions and don't require a flue or chimney, you can place one in any room of your home.

Minimal waste

Up to 50 percent of all heat created from wood and gas fireplaces are lost directly up the chimney. Using infrared and fan-forced heating options, electric fireplaces convert 100 percent of the energy they produce into direct heat.

High-efficiency, electric fireplaces use less fuel to produce a hearty flame, so your dollars stretch further.

Year-round use

Because they produce heat, gas and wood fireplaces are often limited to seasonal enjoyment and go unused the rest of the year.

With independent heating and flame options, an electric fireplace can be used year-round — even in the dead of the summer, making your investment go further.


As an added bonus, a number of Dimplex models feature a patented technology called Purifire, which works as a background process to cleanse the air as it heats, keeping your room free from allergens and particulates.

Using advanced air purification technology, continuous, quiet cleaning happens on average four times per hour so you can breathe easy.

For a safe, eco-friendly investment an electric fireplace is the fireplace that keeps on giving. For more information on the perks of electric fireplaces, check out our Resource Center articles.

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