If you're planning a big summer road trip, it's time to start upgrading your RV. Make sure your whip has all the latest amenities from plush seating to multimedia entertainment systems to make your "home away from home" as cozy as it can be. One easy upgrade is an electric fireplace - ideal for both ambiance and supplemental heat.

Whether you opt for a freestanding stove, direct wire or plug in a firebox, enjoy togetherness time in your motorhome over a roaring fire that costs just pennies an hour to operate. Here are some of our favorite models for RVs, but ultimately you will need to measure your available space for installation and then we'd be happy to tailor a recommendation to your situation.

The Benefits Of Electric Fireplaces For RVs

  • Easy installation
  • No ventilation
  • Custom fit options
  • Units can be trimmed to match your decor
  • Provides supplemental heat as needed

Installing An Electric Insert Or Electric Fireplace Is Easy & Inexpensive

  • Determine the best location in your RV for installation
    All of our electric units are zero clearance so you can choose the perfect viewing spot. Look for a void in a suitable cabinet with access to electricity. Many people will install these near the television, convert an existing cabinet or make use of wasted wall space.
  • Measure the height, width and depth available for installation
    Browse our selection of fireplace inserts and make your final fireplace selection based on suitable size and desired features.
  • Place your order either online or by calling one of our helpful customer service specialists (866.966.1122)
  • Cut your cabinet based on the dimensions inside of the firebox flange
    The flange is generally 1/2" and is on the top and the sides of each electric firebox. Leave a few inches of air space inside cavity above unit to allow for air intake.
  • Create a support for your firebox underneath the unit
    The support frame is most often made of wood and should allow the firebox to sit level and avoid movement while you're on the road.
  • Plug the unit into a 110V outlet inside the cavity or direct wire appropriately
  • Slide the firebox into the cut-out and secure
    Electric fireplaces do not require any clearance from combustible material (ex. wood trim or laminate) or provision for venting, but you will need to leave a few inches of air space inside cavity above unit to allow for air intake.
  • Trim the outside of firebox appropriately
    Most people use material similar to their cabinet trim. Review our customer pictures for inspiration.

Want to bring the warmth and ambiance to your home too? Check out some of the best electric fireplaces for the home.


Which Is Right for You?