It’s natural that most people gravitate towards making the fireplace the center of their holiday decorating. It brings warmth and light in a season of dark and cold. It’s the place where St. Nick himself will make an appearance. It’s the perfect place to gather around light displays. In short, if you haven’t already given some attention to your fireplace, the time is now.

Never fear, decorating the fireplace, with or without a mantel, is quick and easy. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Stockings hung on the fireplace.

Hang Stockings

Stockings are the original fireplace decoration. This is where it all began. It may be as simple as pounding a few nails into your Christmas-decorated mantel. If you don’t want to put holes in your nice wood fireplace mantel, try stocking hooks. These come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. There’s one to suit every decoration style.

If you don’t have a mantel, you still have plenty of options for hanging stockings around the fireplace. Attach them to the wall above your fireplace for a traditional look. Or go more creative and bring in a console table, chest, or bureau and hang them there.

You can also make use of other features near the fireplace to hang stockings, like a banister, entertainment center, coat hooks, or bed frame.

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Garland draped on fireplace mantel.

Drape a Garland

Right up there with stockings, garlands are another original fireplace decoration. The nice thing about garlands is they don’t require a mantel. They can be hung above any type of fireplace, even a stove style fireplace, as easily as they can be draped on a mantel.

Evergreen, particularly of the pine variety, is traditional. Step out of the box and use greens like eucalyptus, boxwood, or magnolia for your fireplace garland. Red winter berries or pinecones make an excellent natural garland.

Tinsel garland is one of the quickest and easiest ways to add a garland to your fireplace décor. A table runner on a mantel is a great choice too. Make your own garland with pom poms or string some popcorn and cranberries together to drape around the fireplace.

Light Up the Fireplace

No matter how you get the fireplace crackling (electric or gas or good old fashioned kindling and matches), you can always use more twinkle lights. Hang some icicle lights from the mantel or weave a strand of lights through a pine garland.

If you use candles to bring light to your holiday season, a display on the mantel is the perfect way to make it happen. Whether on a menorah or sporadically placed, candles introduce the warm, cheery flicker of firelight that enhances your fireplace décor.

Candles on the fireplace mantel.

Replace Art

Above the fireplace is prime space for decoration all throughout the year but especially during the holidays. Replace art above the fireplace with something special for the season.

An oversized wreath or a rustic animal head add some special ambiance. An antique window frame is another farmhouse chic favorite. If you have a mirror above the fireplace, add some frost or flocking spray to give it that frosty look.

Display Cards

The holidays are about the only time people send greeting cards anymore. Be sure to display your holiday cards in a way everyone can enjoy them.

If you have a mantel, set them decoratively on the mantel. Intersperse them with other décor or a garland to complete the look. If you don’t have a mantel, hang a rope or tinsel garland above the fireplace and use clothespins to attach them.

Deck the Hearth

Don’t forget the space in front of or below your fireplace. It’s an excellent place to add some decorations, especially if you have already decorated above the fireplace.

The hearth or floor beneath the fireplace is the perfect place for standing decorations like figurines, nativity sets, small trees, etc. You can even get creative with some logs or fireplace tools and turn them into festive additions.

Set up your holiday village on the hearth out of the way of your curious pets. Add some word art. Place baskets of pine cones or ornaments. Bring your tree surrounded by presents closer to the fireplace so you don’t have dead space near the floor.


These quick and easy fireplace decoration ideas will get you and your home in the festive mood fast. What are you waiting for? Get decorating today.

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