The fireplace tends to attract attention and become the focal point of the room. That’s why it’s so important to get the styling right. Getting the right combination of electric fireplace, mantel, and accessories is key to ensuring your fireplace has the look and ambiance you want.

Here are 9 combinations of fireplace perfection you should consider.


Stacked stone electric fireplace with wood mantel and sage green wall behind.

Dimplex Featherston Mantel Package

This fireplace and mantel combination (mantel package kit with fireplace and mantel surround included) features one of our most popular designs, stacked stone in brown and gray tones. It’s the complete package with both a generous mantelpiece on top and hearth beneath. Corbels are uniquely placed on the sides for a dynamic style approach.  


Rustic wood fireplace surround with patterned rug in the foreground. 

Aspen in Gray Barnwood

Perfect for rustic styles like farmhouse or cottagecore, this mantel package features a barnwood look with industrial metal accents. It’s classic fireplace warmth in design and function. Additionally, this mantel has a hidden cabinet in the side for a bit more living room storage.


Professional, No Hassle Design: Mantel Packages

If you want a great fireplace design but aren’t sure where to start, mantel packages are the all-in-one option you’ve been waiting for. Mantel packages are ready-made fireplace, mantel, and surrounds that take the guesswork out of design. They do require assembly, but once put together, it will look like a professional designer picked each element just for you. 

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 Large linear electric fireplace in a stacked stone surround that goes all the way to the ceiling. 

Dimplex IgniteXL 74"

Masterfully composed, this fireplace design places a huge (74 inch) linear fireplace in a stunning stacked stone bump-out that goes all the way from floor to ceiling. The addition of mantel-like shelves to either side and a wood hearth/shelf beneath adds an asymmetrical feature that keeps interest.


Small linear electric fireplace in a white bump-out with dark wood mantel and TV over the top. 

Modern Ember Highmark 50" & Tipton wood mantel shelf in Cherry Alder 72"

Simple but cozy, this design uses the linear look in a warm white backdrop with a wood mantel spanning the width of the entire bump-out. The style leaves plenty of room for other elements in the space to add character like the variegated rug and the fluted, round coffee table.


Design Independence: Linear Look

Have a specific vision? Nothing gives you the creative freedom of the ever popular linear electric fireplace. Trending yet classic, this type of fireplace gives you full control over your design. You can hang it on the wall, partially recess, or fully recess, whatever will help you create a truly show-stopping design with the fireplace at the center. Consider placing a linear fireplace in a statement wall with a minimal mantel shelf over the top. Or do a bump out design for a more classic fireplace feel. Really think outside the box and go with a see-through, two-sided fireplace that you can enjoy in two spaces. 

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Rustic tv console electric fireplace unit with metal accents and tv on top. 

ClassicFlame Heathrow in Tifton Oak

Combining form and function, this TV stand with built-in fireplace creates old-world ambiance with its leaded window-inspired cabinet doors. The unit delivers everything that’s important in this cozy design in one place so no design and livability elements never have to compete.


TV console electric fireplace with chevron cabinet doors and TV on top. 

Napoleon Hayworth in Rustic Long Board

Modern chevron styling literally points the eye right to the center of this TV console/electric fireplace combo. It provides plenty of concealed storage so the design of the space and the way it’s used are in harmony. Horizontal and vertical lines behind the fireplace console add additional flair.


Create a Gathering Space: Combining the TV & Fireplace

If your aim is to create a place to gather for a Sunday afternoon football game, what better way to do it than to make the fireplace the center of the action? A TV console style electric fireplace is a self-contained unit specifically designed for the TV to be placed on top. It answers the demand for both functionality and style in one easy package.

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Classic white colonial style fireplace made for the corner in a bright living room. 

Real Flame Chateau in White

Making great use of space, this fireplace and mantel snug right into a corner of the living room. The Colonial-style mantel surround adds dignity and elegance to the space. Topping it all off, the triangular mantelpiece offers plenty of space for decorating.


Bump-out corner fireplace with wood mantel in a bright bedroom. 

Dimplex Revillusion 24" & Wallace mantel shelf

TikTok influencer, @sabrinapougnet, created this fireplace in an abandoned corner of the bedroom. A simple hearth and wood mantel shelf complete the look and offer varying depths that catch the eye. The electric fireplace insert slid right in, flush with the corner bump out design.


Practical Adornment: Corner Fireplaces

Transform an unused corner into the center of your design with a corner fireplace. Get a fireplace mantel package designed for a corner or call your carpenter to build a frame and insert an electric fireplace. Either way, this is a stunning way to get more from your room design. 

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Fireplace with full surround mantel in white with brass screen and brass fireplace tools.

Modern Ember Sabine mantel & Modern Ember Gatsby screen & Modern Ember Harper tool set

This stunning design places the fireplace at the heart of the space and lets it spread its wings both figuratively and literally. Not only does it have a stately mantel surround, it also uses fireplace accessories to complete the look. A single panel screen and fireplace tools are details that take this design to the next level.


Finishing Touches: Accessories

Part of the fun of a fully-designed fireplace, complete with mantel shelf, is how you decorate it. Go for non-permanent fixtures as a part of your décor with some accessories. It can be as simple as adding a screen or andirons. Perhaps you want to update the media in the bed of your fireplace with driftwood or modern-look clear gems or river rock. 

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Ready to find your perfect fireplace combination? The right mantel, fireplace, and accessories can change your entire space! Get inspiration from our Instagram account or start browsing our broad selection.


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