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Napoleon Electric Fireplace Logs

About Napoleon Electric Fireplace Logs

Napoleon has over 40 years in the fireplace industry and it shows in the top-of-the-line technology and stunning design in every product. The electric fireplace log inserts offer realistic looks and glowing embers that increase the realism of the experience.

Does Napoleon Make a Good Electric Fireplace?

Napoleon makes high-quality electric fireplaces in contemporary styles and powerful supplemental heating solutions. Find the perfect log set model for any budget, size, shape, or style. It’s the fastest way to add a fireplace to your space.

Are Napoleon Fireplaces Realistic?

Electric fireplace logs are molded and hand painted with glowing ember beds for added realism. Projected flames have adjustable brightness and heat output, plus LED pulsating for that mesmerizing coals effect. Add electric fireplace logs for instant fireplace ambiance.