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Duraflame Electric Logs

About Duraflame Electric Logs

A Duraflame electric log set is one of the easiest ways you can update and give new life to an old or unused fireplace. Ready to go directly out of the box, these remarkable little log sets simply need to be plugged into a standard 120V wall outlet to begin enjoying its stunning flame effects, comforting warmth and soothing crackling sounds.

Does a Duraflame Electric Log Set Heat Well?

Integrated into the base of the unit is a powerful quartz infrared heater that will fill your space (up to 1,000 Sq. Ft.) with safe and comforting supplemental warmth. You'll no longer have to just deal with the unpleasant chills and drafts of winter in your home.

Are Duraflame Electric Stoves Realistic?

Patented lighting expertly recreates the random patterns of a flickering flame on the back of your fireplace with remarkable authenticity. With resin cast logs that look like real wood and embers that glow from within, the burning fire effect is enhanced even more. An integrated crackling sound effect offers you not only the look of a real fire, the heat of a real fire, but also the sound of a real fire. The overall experience is truly remarkable and will soon become your favorite way to relax and unwind at the end of your day.