Dimplex Electric Logs

About Dimplex Electric Fireplace Logs

A Dimplex log set allows you to convert a standard firebox into a maintence free fireplace. Just plug the log set into a standard outlet and you are ready to start enjoying the flame effect and optional supplemental heat. There are no special installation requirements and the flame effect will bring your fireplace back to life.

What Is the Most Realistic Electric Fireplace Log Set?

Dimplex ticks all the boxes when it comes to realistic flame effects and logs. Their patented technology and realistic looking logs come in several styles including classic wood and driftwood. You can operate the fireplace with or without heat in any season for a cozy ambiance.

Are Electric Fireplace Logs Worth It?

Electric fireplace logs, especially from Dimplex look like the real thing without the mess and maintenance of a real wood fireplace. It’s easy to clean and doesn’t require any preparation. You get the look and feel of a fireplace without any of the problems of a wood-burning fireplace. The logs can be replaced down the road if you decide you want to go with another look in the ember bed like glass.