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ClassicFlame Fireplace Mantel Packages

About ClassicFlame Mantels

From traditional and ornate stained wood, to clean-lined white mantels, ClassicFlame mantels offer the eye-catching style you need to complete your design. Add the charm of a classic mantel to the flame effects of an electric fireplace for the total package in any room of the house.

Can You Put a Mantel Over an Electric Fireplace?

Absolutely. A mantel is a necessity in many designs from farmhouse to rustic and hygge to minimalist. It comes in many different styles and suits many different layouts. Unless you like a more modern, linear look, a mantel is an excellent choice. We offer electric fireplace mantel packages so you can get both in one.

ClassicFlame Styles

Select from our curated collection of electric fireplaces with mantels. We feature a selection of rustic, transitional, classic, and modern styles that open up the world of possibilities. Try a stacked stone look or go with a built-in and painted look. Or go classic with a carved wood look for more traditional styles.