Amantii Accessories

About Amanti Accessories

Amanti accessories let you change up your look with ease. Choose a new fireplace bed material and change the vibe of your fireplace. Choose from logs, glass, colored beads, stone, or embers to complete your space's design. All accessories have the same high-quality material and construction you've come to expect from Amanti.

Take Your Electric Fireplace to the Next Level?

Though Amanti's flame effects are some of the best on the market, you'll also enjoy the options you have to dress your fireplace a bit differently to suit your style or tastes. The interchangable fireplace beds allow you to fine tune your electric fireplace's style to perfectly suit your space.

If you prefer a more contemporary look, go for a glass bed. If you like a more traditional look go for the logs or embers. If you remodel at a future date, you can be sure your fireplace will stay current with the right accessories to accompany it.

Thermostatic Remote Controls

No Amanti electric fireplace is complete without a remote control. The thermostatic remote control is far more than your everyday remote. It allows you to control your fireplace based on temperature—a far more efficient way to control room feel. You can also use smart features and control your fireplace via wifi and bluetooth.