Free standing electric stoves are uniquely attractive, portable heaters that provide efficient supplemental heat.

Commonly produced in traditional styles, freestanding stoves are designed to look like traditional wood burning stoves; however, these units are free from all the drawbacks of wood burning stoves, like messy ash, safety concerns, and lack of portability.

Plugging into a 110V outlet, many units also come with a remote control for easy temperature control.

Unique Features of Free Standing Electric Stoves

  • Realistic Flame Effects
    Freestanding electric stoves feature highly realistic flame effects to complement their exterior. Some electric stoves feature LED lighting. LED lights have an extra-long expected life span and can create random light patterns within the logs. This creates a smoldering effect in addition to the realistic flames.


  • Two Heating Technologies: Infrared And Fan-Forced
    Free standing electric stoves are available with one of two types of heating technologies: Infrared and Fan-Forced. Fan-Forced is a single-direction heating method where the heat originates from the fan forcing out hot air. Infrared technology allows for objects in the room to absorb warmth for a more evenly heated space. Fan-forced heating can successfully heat up to 400 Sq. Ft. and Infrared heaters are capable of heating up to 1,000 Sq. Ft.

Is a Free Standing Electric Stove Expensive To Operate?

Electric stove heaters are budget-friendly purchases with operating costs averaging around 3¢ per hour without heat and about 8-12¢ per hour heat.

Only Heat The Rooms You Use The Most

Free standing electric stoves are portable and can easily be moved from room to room. Many customers take advantage of this maneuverability and use their electric stoves to provide supplemental heat with a strategy called "ZONE HEATING."

Zone Heating allows you to keep the overall thermostat at a much lower temperature and heat the rooms you are using the most. This more efficient method helps conserve energy by not relying on the overall thermostat to heat unused spaces.


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