A Guide to Freestanding Electric Stove Fireplaces

An electric stove fireplace is a convenient and stylish way to add ambiance and extra warmth to any room of the house. If you have a smaller space, or want greater flexibility, the electric stove fireplace is your ticket to perfection.

The traditional design is uniquely attractive and it delivers heat right where you need it most. Here's your guide to all things electric stoves.


Electric stove fireplace in a white living room.

What is a Freestanding Electric Fireplace?

Electric freestanding stoves are designed to look like traditional wood burning stoves. The electric versions are more compact and free from many of the drawbacks of wood burning stoves. Freestanding electric fireplaces don't require a chimney or any venting.

Electric freestanding fireplaces can be plugged into a 110V outlet in any room or in an RV. Their compact nature means they are portable and can be moved to where they are most needed.

Most have temperature control capabilities and can heat from 400-1000 square feet depending on the type. They are a favorite addition as a secondary heat source.

Types of Freestanding Electric Stoves

The variety of freestanding stoves is one of the things that makes this type of electric fireplace so attractive. As some of the most adaptable heating units, you're sure to find solutions to your heating issues.


Freestanding stoves are some of the smallest electric fireplaces available. They come in sizes anywhere from 12 inches high and 20 inches wide all the way up to 40 inches tall and over 40 inches wide.

The depth of these units is very shallow, making them a perfect addition to small spaces. The smallest units are barely 6 inches deep and the largest are under 20 inches deep.


As mentioned, freestanding electric stoves are basically plug and play when it comes to installation. There are a couple of options when it comes to where units can be installed.

Freestanding means that these units are finished from every angle. You might also be interested in corner units that have an angled back that fits into a corner. This allows you to use your space most efficiently.

If you plan on moving your unit from room to room, opt for a rolling electric fireplace stove for easier mobility.

We've mentioned that these units can be plugged in, but they can also be hard wired into your home's electrical system. This is a permanent installation but has some efficiency benefits.


Packed to the brim with great features, electric freestanding stoves have all the perks you could want in a fireplace.

For the most part, freestanding stoves have traditional styling. Some units even have faux stove pipes for a rustic look and feel. Look for a selection of unique colors that aren't available in most other electric fireplaces.

Freestanding electric stoves feature highly realistic flame effects that complement their exterior. Some electric stoves feature LED lighting. LED lights have an extra-long expected life span and can create random light patterns within the logs. This creates a smoldering effect in addition to the realistic flames.

Heat Technology

Freestanding electric stoves are available with one of two types of heating technologies: infrared and fan-forced.

Fan-forced heating uses an electrically heated coil to produce heat. A fan forces air over the coil and into the room to distribute the heat. This form of heat can successfully heat up to 400 square feet.

Infrared technology uses electricity to heat a plate which then radiates heat into the space. This form of heating tends to last longer and do better in larger spaces. Infrared heaters are capable of heating up to 1,000 square feet.

Both fan-forced and infrared heat from an electric fireplace are excellent secondary heat sources. Adding a freestanding electric stove is perfect for ultra-efficient zone heating. Read more about this below.

Red freestanding electric stove.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is a Freestanding Electric Stove Expensive To Operate?

Electric stoves are budget-friendly. Operating costs average around 3¢ per hour without heat and about 8-12¢ per hour with heat.

Considering the other expenses associated with fireplaces, electric in general is a very efficient and affordable secondary heating option.


Can Electric Stove Fireplaces be Used for Zone Heating?

Freestanding electric stoves are portable and can easily be moved from room to room. Many customers take advantage of this maneuverability and use their electric stoves to provide supplemental heat with a strategy called "ZONE HEATING."

Zone Heating allows you to keep the overall thermostat at a much lower temperature and heat the rooms you are using the most. This more efficient method helps conserve energy by not relying on the overall thermostat to heat unused spaces.


Can an Electric Stove Catch Fire?

Electric stoves are very safe, especially when compared to open flame fireplaces. Every unit has an automatic shut off should the unit become too hot. This decreases risk from fire considerably.

As with all electrical appliances, caution should be exercised to maintain safe wiring. Inspect all components of your electric stove regularly.


Which Electric Stove Fireplaces Are Best?


Country Living, Infrared

Duraflame 3D, Infrared

Amantii TruView Cube, Fan-forced

HearthPro, Infrared

Continental, Fan-forced

Real Flame Hollis, Fan-forced

Sierra Flame Lynwood, Fan-forced

Dimplex Morgan, Infrared


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