Many people tend to forget some of the smaller things of being a homeowner. This is especially true of items that you don't normally view or interact with on a regular basis.

Furnace filters are one of those objects that don't get as much attention as they should. Without keeping your filters in prime condition, your heating system cannot perform efficiently. What causes this inefficiency in your heater?

1. Restricts Air Flow

Your furnace draws in air through the filter in order to be heated. This warm air is then distributed throughout your home through heating ducts. If this air flow is restricted, your furnace has to work harder in order to bring the temperature of the house up. This means your furnace and blower is running longer than each need to be.


2. Costs More to Operate

Because the air flow is reduced and the furnace is continuously working, it is consuming gas and/or electricity to operate. The longer it runs, the more it costs you during the month. Considering how much energy these devices need in order to operate, this could amplify your bills.

Even if you set the thermostat to a low setting, the times that the furnace is in operation still wind up costing you a great deal more money than it should.


3. Circulation of Dust

If the filters are clogged, less dust gets trapped in them and you wind up circulating the substance throughout your home. This could cause everything from a burnt-dust smell to a reaction from allergies.

You could also wind up cleaning your home more often as it will settle in every room that utilizes a heating duct. If you feel like you are cleaning dust more often than usual, it may be time to replace the filter.


4. Improving the Air Quality

Dust isn't the only thing that gets trapped within furnace filters. Particulates such as pollen, pet dander and other allergens can become trapped within the fibers of the filter. If it's clogged, then all of that material is being spread across the home.

Changing the filter could relieve symptoms such as dry eyes, headaches, stuff-head feeling, sneezing, and a myriad of other afflictions. For an asthmatic, this could become a dreadful experience.


5. Overheating Motors

Without the air moving through the furnace, it's possible to overheat the motor and burn it out. Without the air flow, the heat remains trapped in a single location. If this happens, you'll spend far more money for furnace repairs than you would have with buying the much cheaper filter.

Replacing the filter is one of the easier house maintenance duties. For the most part, you simply open the intake port for your furnace, pull out the old filter and install a new one. They are relatively cheap considering the problems you could face without providing this maintenance.

Save yourself the time and trouble and take the 10 minutes out of your day to replace the furnace filter.

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