If you're new to the wonderful world of electric fireplaces, one of the main options you'll come across is an electric fireplace insert if you're looking to retrofit your home mantel or replace existing gas or wood logs instead of buying a standalone heater or stove.

Pretty straightforward, a fireplace insert is literally the part that plugs into the cabinet or frame to provide ambiance and heat, while mimicking the look and feel of real logs and flames. One of the main advantages of opting against gas or wood is that there are no messy ashes or danger of smoke or flames, making them cleaner and safer for little ones and pets.

We'll review the three kinds of electric fireplace inserts to help you decide which type is right for your home. All three plug into standard wall outlets and provide at least 4,600 BTUs of supplemental heat (up to 400 sq. ft.). The 220v built-in units are capable of handling double that load for a more permanent heating solution.

Electric Log inserts

Log inserts are the easiest solution to replace wood or gas and fit right into existing fireplaces if you're tired of the mess or stress. They offer a realistic flame effect to simulate fire while providing the warmth and comfort of a luxuriously heated living room. They are ideal for retrofit designs so if you already have a chimney or hearth that you're looking to revitalize or breathe new life into, electric logs are the cheapest and quickest way to upgrade.

Plug-in Firebox

You'll generally want to chose a plug-in firebox if you already have a cabinet mantel or entertainment center that is vented and accessible from the front. The unit is fully enclosed on all sides and comes with a glass-front for easy viewing. They also plug into standard wall units and can warm up to 1,000 sq.ft. via an infrared heater.

Built-in Firebox

A built-in firebox is meant for individuals or families looking to go all out on their home remodel. It's a much more permanent solution as it is often recessed into the wall or used to replace an existing fireplace. They can either be hardwired into your electrical grid or plugged into a standard wall outlet.

Still have questions about which type is right for you? Email, call or chat with us- we're happy to help!

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