To begin, it is important to differentiate the three subcategories of electric fireplace inserts that exist on the market today. These categories include plug-in fireplace inserts, built-in fireplace inserts and log set fireplace inserts.

Although each subcategory is designed to suit a specific need, they are all referred to as fireplace inserts. This post focuses on comparing two major types of electric fireplaces: electric fireplace inserts and wall mounted electric fireplaces.

A discussion of the pros of each type along with some of their drawbacks will give you a better understanding of electric fireplaces to determine which type may be best suited to fit your home.

Electric Fireplace Insert vs Wall Mount

One of the most important factors to consider when making a fireplace purchase is installation. Fireplace inserts are designed to be installed into a wall, preexisting cabinetry, or a an existing fireplace, making them substantially more complex to get running than wall mounted units. As far as installation is concerned, built-in fireplace inserts have a distinct disadvantage.

Unlike all other types of electric fireplaces which simply slide into place, built-in units require you to create a hole in the wall in order to accommodate the exact dimensions of the unit.

Often the installation of plug-in fireplace inserts can be fairly easy as long as your unit fits within the existing cabinetry. However, consumers still need to measure the opening to ensure a perfect fit.

Log set fireplace inserts are designed to slide right into place in an existing wood fireplace opening, thus making them the easiest to install of all the insert units. However, they do require that you prep the opening by closing the flue and capping off any gas lines that are connected to the old fireplace.

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Another aspect where fireplace inserts and wall mounted fireplaces differ is their guidelines for installation. Most fireplace inserts are designed to be mounted within a wall or cabinetry, ensuring they can be placed close to electronics and materials without any concern for safety or malfunction.

By contrast, wall mounted units often required a designated amount of space between the frame and other materials or electronics. This factor is a very important consideration when thinking about the layout of your room.

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If you're looking to mount a large flat-screen television over the fireplace, you may need to consider a built-in unit instead of a wall mounted one.

Regardless of the type of electric fireplace you choose, it is always important to read the installation instructions thoroughly. Taking the time to read the guide will ensure that your product is installed correctly and ready to provide years of entertainment.

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