With their functional, gorgeous designs, electric fireplaces are wonderful pieces to add to any room of the home. While tradition usually places them within the living room, contemporary wall-mount electric fireplaces are quickly becoming popular for other rooms in the home. Thanks to a simple, do-it-yourself installation, you could have your wall-mount up in your family’s favorite dining area in just a few minutes.

Breakfast Nook

Perfect for those chilly mornings, a wall-mount electric fireplace like the Napoleon Curved Wall Mount would help even the slowest riser in your family wake up in the morning. Place the unit so that it rests on the wall just above your family's dining table. Even if the mornings aren’t chilly, they’ll love enjoying their breakfasts while watching the dancing flames.

The rustic look of the Chalet Wall Mount Electric Fireplace makes it ideal for a formal dining area.

Formal Dining Room Flair

Dress up your formal dining room and wow your guests with an ornamental wall mount. A gorgeous frame could add just as much to the room as a picture frame would and could easily rest on the wall or table. With log, rock or glass ember beds available, you could easily design your room to reflect your tastes. The Chalet Linear Mocha Wall Mount would be a great addition to a rustic dining room.

Bar Accent

Installing a wall mount electric fireplace on top of a bar area wall can seamlessly blend two rooms together and open up the space. The bar accent would also make your kitchen area the perfect place for entertaining.The 70-inch Gallery Linear Wall Mount could also serve as a perfect lining for the bottom area of the bar.

Not only could your family’s feet stay warm while they were eating, but once you moved the barstools,you could showcase a beautiful design piece for your guests.

Like other fireplaces,wall mount electric fireplaces can easily heat rooms up to 400 square feet while still displaying entrancing flame effects. From breakfast nooks to formal dining rooms and bar room entertainment, your family and your guests will be amazed at the beauty and functionality of your fireplace.

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