Fireplaces are beneficial additions to homes and provide warmth and ambience for all those who want to include them in their lives. However, many people who enjoy the emotional and physical comfort of a fire do not want to deal with the safety concerns, hassles and inconvenience of having an actual fire in their residence or business.

Converting a fireplace to an electric fireplace is a viable alternative to actual wood and gas fireplaces without the associated risks.

Most traditional wood or gas burning fireplaces have several safety risks associated with them. Some can come as a surprise for new homeowners who do not know the full condition or history of the existing fireplace within their newly purchased house, apartment or condo.

Knowing the history of a fireplace is especially important as gas and wood-burning units require safety barriers, heatproof materials and annual safety checks.

Physical exertion can also become a concern when wood-burning fireplace owners need to cut or carry their own wood. As a result, wood and gas-burning fireplaces can remain inconvenient and left unused throughout the year.

Electric fireplaces, however, are hassle free. In addition to being pet and child friendly, electric fireplaces remain cool-to-the-touch, require no physical exertion for maintenance and are convenient to use.

Convert a Wood Fireplace to Electric 

Electric fireplaces are high quality, cost effective alternatives to wood burning and gas fireplaces. These units are especially useful when used to provide zone heating to the rooms constantly used by the entire family rather than heating the entire house where many rooms are unoccupied for the majority of the day.

Units can provide 5,000 BTUs per hour of heat and deliver this to your room by using a quiet fan that blows the heat generated by the insert into the room. Electric fireplaces cost approximately 3 cents an hour to operate without the heat on and 8-12 cents with the heat turned on.

How Electric Fireplace Inserts Work

Electric fireplace inserts come factory pre-wired which makes for a smooth installation. There are no gas fittings, no masonry work and no holes in exterior walls that must be monitored and maintained either.

An electric fireplace log insert is set into an existing masonry fireplace and replaces existing wood grates, gas grates, burners or log sets. The electric fireplace log insert is safe and clean to operate and many models can be remote controlled. They come in a variety of sizes, from 18 to 50 inch widths.

Another choice for ecologically minded individuals is the LED (light-emitting diode) electric fireplace log insert set. LEDs use less electricity, are more robust than their candelabra bulb counterparts, have a longer lifespan than regular lighting sources, are smaller and are more reliable than standard lighting sources.

LEDs are initially more expensive to purchase, but their longer lifespan will make them comparable in value to their standard 60 watt counterparts later.

Electric Fireplace Log Inserts Allow For Wood Fireplace Conversion

Many people enjoy the aroma and heat of burning wood; however, individuals with allergies often times experience breathing difficulties when they are around it.

With an electric fireplace log insert, they can experience the heat and ambiance of a wood fire without suffering from a potential allergic reaction, making an electric fireplace insert a cost effective, aesthetically pleasing method for making a conversion from a traditional fireplace.

The logs are lifelike in presentation and produce a realistic flame image. These models do not emit fumes associated with gas fireplaces or the smells of a wood fire, yet still utilize the existing fireplace structure.

An electric fireplace log insert is an excellent way of including the beauty and warmth of a fire in your home without having to mess with the associated aspects of gas or wood burning devices.

In the end, electric fireplaces are more convenient and practical for people who want to avoid allergies or for those who simply want to save money in the long run. With the help of our friendly staff, choosing and installing an electric fireplace for your home will be an effortless decision.


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