With so many modern and minimalist fireplace models available today, you may be wondering: are traditional hearth-style fireplaces seen as bulky and outdated?

For many homeowners and design experts, the answer is that hearths are definitely still in style! In fact, some may say hearths are even having a moment, as more attention is given to creating cozy, inviting living spaces with multiple functions.

Originally designed to provide an extra layer of protection from flames and stray sparks, the fireplace hearth has evolved into a decorative element that serves several purposes. Besides creating a certain ambiance and style, hearths are also used to:

• Protect the floor in front of the fireplace
• Create a barrier for children and pets to keep a safe distance
• Mount or showcase essential fireplace tools and accessories
• Ensure the home meets local fire codes or protocols

While the overall look of a fireplace hearth can align with virtually any design style, there are two main types of hearths that are seen most commonly – the floor-level (or flush) hearth and the raised hearth. Ultimately, the type of hearth should accentuate the style of the room and is really a matter of personal choice, as both models serve the same purposes.

Still, there are ways that you can freshen up your fireplace hearth to ensure that it’s not stuck in the 19th century and is very much aligned with contemporary styles. Here are several ideas to help you update your fireplace hearth.

 White built in hearth with electric fireplace and TV on top of the console.

1. Incorporate built-ins to make the hearth even more of a focus

While some fireplace hearths are self-contained and have no shelving, others can extend to the surrounding or adjacent walls to create a fuller unit that has both storage and display areas. Incorporating built-ins will not only make your hearth more of a focal point in the room, but it’s also a practical way to work with space that may otherwise go unused.

If you decide to add built-ins, there are two main questions to ask before starting the project:
• How much space do you have for the built-ins or shelving?
• How do you want to use the fireplace wall?

With these considerations defined, you can move ahead with transforming your hearth into a statement piece that offers additional storage or space to display prized possessions.

 Brick hearth with electric fireplace and accents on either side and on top of the hearth.

2. Add unique accents to give the hearth more personality

Generally speaking, materials like stone, brick, cement, or fire-resistant drywall are the go-to finishes for making hearths durable and fireproof. The good news is that these materials are fairly adaptable when it comes to design and can be painted, tiled over, or accentuated to give the hearth more personality.

If you have an electric fireplace and don’t have to worry about fireproof materials, have some fun with creating an accent wall to surround your hearth and fireplace. Anything from wallpaper to a bold paint will offset your hearth and make it a centerpiece of the room.

Another way to add character to your hearth is to install a mantel made of the same material that’s used elsewhere in the room; for example, if the crown molding is finished in cherry wood, you can use this same wood as an accent on the hearth. You can also install decorative tiles to brighten up the hearth in trendy patterns like herringbone or mosaic.

 Gray barn door fireplace console with electric fireplace.

3. Include charming accessories to make the hearth extra cozy

Fireplace hearths can be incredibly bland if you leave them as is. This is why it’s a good idea to include hearth accessories that can make the overall appearance extra charming and look as though it’s been given special attention.

Some accessories you can think about including are:
• Fireplace grates
• Hearth rugs or pads
• Log holders
• Bellows or stokes
• Fireplace andirons
• Baskets for storing blankets or pillows

Whether you incorporate built-ins, colorful accents, or simple accessories, there are many ways to upgrade the look of your fireplace hearth so that it mirrors a more contemporary style. If you have an electric fireplace, check out these best-selling kits to also update your mantel.

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