Is your electric fireplace in need of a makeover? An electric fireplace can create a dazzling light display for your living room, but different elements can further transform a flame effect and a home’s interior design.

For example, homeowners who desire a more traditional fireplace will often select a log-based electric fireplace, but contemporary home designers have been incorporating glass ember bed electric fireplaces into their homes. With a glass ember bed, electric fireplaces can be personalized and the flame effect can be further enhanced to create a more realistic flame effect.  

How big are the glass embers, and are they sharp? 

The glass embers are made of crushed safety glass. They can be as large as a quarter or a small as a dime, depending on the manufacturer. Because each piece of glass is checked for its dull edges by the manufacturer before shipment, the glass pieces will remain safe to handle, so it will feel like you are holding a small pebble in your hand. 

What colors are available?

Electric fireplace glass embers are available in black, orange, blue, red, amber and clear. Each glass ember is an opalescent, transparent pebble designed to enhance the flame effect. 

Some manufacturers will include flame color options with your purchase of a specific electric fireplace. For example, the Napoleon 50-inch Slimline Wall Mount Electric Fireplace (EFL50H) is available with either an orange or blue flame. Adding colored glass embers that complement the flame effect to the bottom of the unit could easily amplify the color of the flame and create a dazzling display. 

Can I place glass embers in my log-set electric fireplace?

Yes you can! Some customers have purchased black glass embers to place around the bottom of the logs to create the illusion of ash and soot in the fireplace. 

How do I place the glass embers into the electric fireplace?

Glass embers can be ordered and purchased separately in 1-pound bags. Your order will arrive within 3-5 business days with a small shovel. To place the embers into the bottom of the fireplace, be sure to first unplug the electric fireplace and then remove the glass front of the fireplace unit. Next, carefully scoop the preexisting glass embers from the bottom of the fireplace before adding the new glass embers to the unit. 

Glass embers can help transform an electric fireplace into a beautiful and functional work of art. With different colors to select from and an easy installation process, purchasing some glass ember beds is a must-have this season. 

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