You’re Sure to See These in 2023

As we look ahead to 2023, it’s a great time to start thinking about the interior design trends that will come into play in the seasons ahead.

During the past few years, design styles tended to reflect the societal issues we were all collectively facing – namely, the coronavirus pandemic and living our lives mostly indoors. In the year to come, economic uncertainties like an anticipated recession are on everyone’s minds, which will inevitably impact future design trends.

It is likely that homeowners will embrace a sense of frugality in the design choices they make, but still with the aim of creating spaces that are luxurious and inviting with stylish appeal.

So then, what are the interior design trends that will be the focus of design enthusiasts in the new year? Here are the top trends we already have our eyes on that will define the most stylish homes in 2023.

Eco-friendly heating

With many places around the world facing rising energy costs, sustainability will not only continue to be a focus of furnishings and materials, but also of how we heat our homes in 2023.

Everyone wants to save money when it comes to utilities, especially when prices are higher than usual, which will lead to homeowners seeking out more eco-friendly solutions like electric fireplaces. Electric fireplaces will be all the rage in 2023 thanks to their commitment to 100% efficiency and zone heating, which saves both money and energy.

Beyond these sustainable benefits, new electric fireplace models are now incredibly sleek, customizable, and beautiful to observe, making a great focal point for any modern living space.

White TV console electric fireplace with storage on either side. 

Multi-purpose interiors

According to design experts, multi-purpose interiors – or spaces that can serve several functions – are going to be increasingly in demand in 2023. Rather than a space being limited to one activity, like a formal dining room that’s used only for holiday meals, homeowners will be more inclined to reimagine spaces so that they are efficient, adaptable, and flexible.

This means integrating multi-purpose pieces that can be transformed for different needs – like nesting furniture that can be stacked or separated, tables with fold-down mechanisms, and cabinetry that can open up to reveal a workspace.

The key here is to design your multi-purpose space around the activities that will take place there, such as working, exercising, playing, and more.

White brick surround with electric fireplace inserted into the wall of a neutrally colored living room.

A return to Art Deco

Perhaps the most fashion-forward trend of home interiors in 2023, we are likely to see a return to the Art Deco style of the Roaring Twenties for added glitz and aesthetic sparkle. The Art Deco style is defined by rich colors, bold geometry, and decadent detail work, which is perfect for spaces where you want to make a big impression – like a foyer or entryway, master bedroom, or formal living room.

Art Deco will see a resurgence because it is classically chic, harkening back to an era that many think of as luxurious and glamorous. With the popularity of statement furniture and accent walls, integrating Art Deco staples like geometrically-patterned wallpaper or velvet chaise lounges will be seen in more homes next year, as people look for ways to create high-end opulence on a budget.

White mantel with marble surrounding an electric fireplace in an elegant living room.

More with marble

To add a touch of drama, more and more homeowners will be looking for ways to incorporate marble accents to their kitchens and bathrooms. While not so much of a trend (as marble never goes out of style!), what will be seen throughout 2023 is a change in how marble is used – like in kitchen benchtops.

A nod to traditional European countertops, marble benchtops that are finely finished with treatments like lamb’s tongue or double bullnose detailing will be more popular in the new year.

Though white and pale marbles have come strongly back into fashion, 2023 will see homeowners also embracing colored and darker marbles with a highly decorative effect – like forest green and even black.

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