Your home’s fireplace is as much a design statement as a place to warm up and gather around. But did you know that your fireplace’s backdrop makes as big a difference as the fireplace itself? 

Almost every trending style includes design ideas for fireplace walls, from the type of wall material down to the proper TV placement. Want to take your fireplace backdrop from a supporting role to a star player? Reignite your creative spark with our top three fireplace wall design ideas. 

 Large, white family room with linear electric fireplace placed midway up the wall with a light blue couch in front.

Emphasize Your Eco-Friendly Home

Saving energy is great for the planet and even better for your wallet. So it comes as no surprise that sustainable heating will be all the rage for the foreseeable future. 

Electric fireplaces are a big part of the solution, and many models look modern, sleek, and straight out of the future. That pairs well with minimalism, arguably the most popular design style for over a decade and well-known for its neutral colors and metallic materials.  

Some eco-friendly design ideas that go with minimalism include: 

  • Incorporating concrete: Concrete is extremely long-lasting, and many types are made from recycled composite materials. Combined with that classic gray look and you’ve got an eco-friendly, minimalist solution. 
  • Painting with neutral colors: Neutral colors keep your rooms cooler by reflecting light away from your home, helping you cut back on energy usage during the peak summer months when your fireplace isn’t in use. For even more benefits, use a natural paint with a low amount of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) 
  • Put plants on the mantel: Plants are natural air purifiers, making them exceptional choices for better indoor air quality. Placing smaller plants on the mantel is a minimalist-friendly answer your fireplace needs. 

Less clutter and fewer emissions are incredibly valuable for your home. But so is your TV.  

 Linear electric fireplace with bookshelves and a stacked stone wall behind with television placed on top.

Entertain in Style

Is your fireplace part of your entertainment center? Chances are, it is, or it’s going to be. Design experts predict that “multi-purpose rooms” will become much more popular in 2023, building off the trend that began out of necessity during the pandemic.  

While makeshift home offices to impromptu workout rooms are becoming more permanent, the living room entertainment center—typically where your fireplace is located—is one of the original multi-purpose rooms. That means it’s perfectly reasonable to place TVs, gaming consoles, and speakers around the fireplace area, especially if it’s electric. 

Want to mount a TV above your fireplace? Make sure you: 

  • Leave 8-12 inches of clearance 
  • Use a TV stand fireplace unit (for mantel top viewing) 
  • Don’t exceed the width limit of the fireplace 

Always check the manufacturer guidelines for the best results.  

As for any speakers, consoles, DVD players, and other media devices, place them on a designated wall shelf around the TV, ensuring any wires are properly secured. If you’d rather keep the wall bare, you can store these devices inside an entertainment center. 


While many fireplace wall design ideas are rooted in the future, one of the bigger trends involves a return to the past. 

 Art deco style decor with a cozy fireplace in the background and large coffee table in the foreground.

Going Bold Has Never Been Better

If you loved The Great Gatsby, or you’re a fan of the Roaring Twenties aesthetic, it’s a great time to let Art Deco shine. You may have seen this classical, opulent style on New York skyscrapers, government buildings, and neighborhood movie theaters. But what about the fireplace? 

For 2023, features like statement furniture and accent walls are taking back the living room. If you’re looking to make a big impression, some Art Deco upgrades for your fireplace’s wall include: 

  • Geometrically patterned wallpaper 
  • Statement artworks in the Art Deco or Modernist style 
  • Gold, brass, or nickel-plated sconces 

While Art Deco is all about rich colors, extravagant accessories, and thoughtfully detailed design work, one of the most underrated aspects of this design style is its use of stone materials. Luxurious-sounding elements like ebony, marble, porcelain and jade are a two-for-one combination of elegant excess and geometric design pattern usage. 


No matter what design you have in mind, a fireplace wall is a perfect complement to your wall fireplace. Want to learn more about wall-mounted fireplaces? 

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