Outdoor Electric Fireplaces

About Outdoor Electric Fireplaces

With superior technology, accomplished artistry, and unmatched electric fireplace realism, it’s easy to find an outdoor electric fireplace that makes your outdoor spaces as comfy as your indoor spaces. Many fireplaces in our collections can be indoor or outdoor fireplaces, ensuring you get top quality.

Can Electric Fireplaces Be Used Outdoors?

Electric fireplaces make an excellent addition to your outdoor space. However, it is important to make sure you get an outdoor rated fireplace. These are made to withstand the weather and elements and keep giving you plenty of outdoor ambiance through any season of the year.

Does an Electric Outdoor Fireplace Give Off Heat?

Outdoor electric fireplaces can give off as much as 5,000 BTUs of supplemental heat. In an enclosed outdoor space, this is enough to heat over 400 square feet. Many units can be run without heat just for the ambiance. Unfortunately, your outdoor electric fireplace probably doesn’t have enough heat for marshmallow roasting.