Every home deserves a fireplace. And the good news is that every home can have a fireplace. With all the electric fireplace types available, it’s easy to add one to any space. You don’t have to do any major renovations or add a chimney.

Choose from fireplaces that are ready to go out of the box, some that require minor assembly, or options that require a bit more DIY on your part (or hire a professional installer).

The only thing left to consider is what type of fireplace you want. Let’s take a moment to define the different types of electric fireplaces available.

Linear wall electric fireplace.

Types of Electric Fireplaces

Mantel Fireplace

Electric fireplace mantels are designed to sit flush against your wall or, with specific designs, in a corner. Most units will need minor assembly to build the mantel surround, with the electric fireplace insert simply sliding into the opening upon completion.

Electric fireplace mantel packages make it easy to add the look of a real fireplace to any room in your home. They come in a variety of sizes and price ranges. You’ll get the ambiance, heat, and look you want and can be installed with ease.

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TV Stand Fireplace

These multi-tasking units take the media console and the fireplace and make them one. Available in various sizes to accommodate any TV, each unit features a centrally located electric fireplace insert, with a large top for placement of your TV as well as media storage on either side of the fireplace. There’s no risk of overheating your electronics and it costs only pennies an hour to operate.

The styles range from contemporary to rustic. You can get a simple design or one with lots of storage. The TV stand fireplace will really add some oomph to your space.

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Insert Fireplace

A fireplace insert consists of just the fireplace part with no mantel or housing of any kind. Plug-in inserts can be simply placed into an existing, unused wood fireplace as well as into a mantel surround or cabinet. If you are looking to place the fireplace insert into a wall, built-in inserts can be hard-wired for a seamless appearance.

You can select from a built-in style or a plug-in style. Opt for a wall insert for a contemporary look. Each is safe, energy efficient, and low cost compared to traditional fireplaces. This is one of the most flexible types of fireplace that can work for just about any set up.

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Peninsula fireplace with large log insert electric fireplace.

Linear Wall Fireplaces

The linear wall fireplace is the most contemporary and trending type of fireplace available today. They are long and narrow and span a width of the wall with a line of realistic looking flames. These can be installed on the wall or recessed into the wall.

Styles include standard front, see-through, and multi-sided views so you can enjoy your fireplace from any angle. Most can be plugged into standard electrical outlets while some require hard-wired installations or the addition of a plug-kit.

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Log Inserts

Log inserts consist of just the logs and flame effects with no housing or mantel attached. They are the easiest way to give your existing fireplace an upgrade to electric. They are high-tech and provide excellent flame effects.

They come in various sizes and log arrangements and most include glowing coals at the bottom. The latest technology uses projection, lighting, and even water vapor to create the flame effects.

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Stove Fireplaces

All-inclusive units, the electric stove is freestanding and provides warmth and ambiance to both small & large rooms. Stoves that feature the standard fan-forced heat are capable of warming areas up to 400 square feet, while units with infrared technology can heat up to 1,000 square feet.

These units come in classic metal stove looks and several colors. Leave behind the ashes and mess of traditional wood burning stoves but still get the look and the warmth you need with a stove fireplace.

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Of all the different types of electric fireplaces out there, you’re sure to find one that suits you at Electric Fireplaces Direct. Want more ideas? Visit our blog to gather inspiration. 

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