Heatscope Infrared Radiant Heaters

Heatscope provides a variety of accessories which can be used with their infrared radiant heaters to best meet your heating needs. Three featured accessories include:

Radio Controls: Control the power settings, switch-off times, and on/standby modes for your Heatscope infrared radiant heaters with Heatscope radio receivers and hand held remote control.

Weather Shields: When mounting Heatscope infrared radiant heaters in open unprotected outdoor areas, weather shields are highly recommended. Heatscope weather shields are made of stainless steel and are available in all four radiator sizes. Weather shields can be used with either the radiator alone or with the radiator, radio control, and/or connecting element.

Ceiling Mount Fixing Rods: A mounting height of 8 to 10ft. is recommended when mounting Heatscope infrared radiant heaters to a ceiling or wall. For ceilings or walls higher than the recommended mounting height, Heatscope ceiling mount fixing rods can be used. Heatscope fixing rods come in various sizes.

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