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OptiMyst fireplace from Dimplex sets new industry benchmark for realism
  • Fully variable flame and smoke intensity control with silent operation
  • Easy fill water tank
  • Optiglo® inner glow logs with shimmering ember bed
  • Concealed fan heater operates independent of heat
  • Plugs into regular 120V household outlet
  • 1,440 watt heater produces 4,915 BTU of heat
  • Low operating costs - 2¢/hr flame only. 12¢/hr flame and heat*
Opti-Myst Rockwell Electric Fireplace

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Opti-Myst Burnished Walnut Electric Fireplace

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Article excerpt:

"People are just amazed when they first see the OptiMyst," says Martyn Champ, President of Dimplex North America Limited. "Their eyes are telling them that it is a real fire, but the 'flame' is cool to the touch with no combustion. The OptiMyst is a real game changer in the furniture industry. It's the next big leap in appearance and realism. It looks good even when it's off. When it is switched on and running, it is irresistible..."

The OptiMyst fireplace uses ultrasonic technology to create the flame and smoke effect. As the mist rises up through the logs, the light reflects and refracts within the water molecules creating a convincing illusion of flames and smoke. Users can control the amount of flame and the intensity of the smoke to suit their preference. Because the OptiMyst fireplace does not use combustion and because the flame is really just cool water vapor, it is completely harmless and free of toxic fumes. The OptiMyst does incorporate a powerful fan-forced heater that can be used to warm a room or turned off to allow the fireplace to be enjoyed even in warm weather.

We want you to be completely satisfied with your electric fireplace purchase, so if for any reason you are not, we will refund 100% of your purchase amount should you be dissatisfied with any electric fireplace product. Within 14 days, simply call or email for return authorization number and instructions. We will ask that you return the item in the original packaging, in sellable condition. Dimplex warranties range from 1 year to 10 years depending upon the item. You will find complete details on your product's warranty in the 'Warranty' tab of that product. Click for complete details.

This electric fireplace is environmentally safe:
• No Emissions • No Outdoor Pollution • No Consumption of Wood or Fossil Fuels • 100% Energy Efficient • Safe & Healthy
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