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Realistic Flame Technology Advancements Offered Through

Modern technology has allowed us to be able to enjoy the look and feel of fireplaces without all of the added hassle of having to worry about cleaning up the mess that is often caused by burning embers, soot and excess wood. offers the latest technology in fireplaces from manufacturers Dimplex, ClassicFlame, Burley, Duraflame and ChimneyFree. In addition to advanced flame effects, these manufacturers have made strides in realistic flame technology advancements in electric fireplace logs.

Electric Fireplaces: The Wave of the Future

Electric fireplaces are quickly gaining in popularity because of their realistic flame presentation, their easy set up, and cost saving zone heating benefits. There's no complicated installation, as they simply need to be plugged in to a standard electrical outlet. They provide the aesthetically pleasing feel of having a real fireplace without the unnecessary dangers or cleanup.

When you look at a real fire in a fireplace, you no doubt enjoy watching the flames dance and the sound of the wood crackling. Therefore, when people begin to look at quality electric fireplaces, they pay attention to features such as realistic hand-finished logs. Additionally, many manufacturers utilize advanced technology to help produce a glow within the logs and pulsating embers. In addition, electric fireplaces come in a variety of designs and features that make almost any room a great place for an electric fireplace.

The Features of a Dimplex Electric Fireplace

Many technology advances have been made with electric fireplace logs, and although there are many different types of electric fireplaces, not all of them are the same. For example, Multi-Fire™ is one series of electric firebox that is used in a series of fireplace mantel packages by Dimplex. Multi-Fire™ fireplaces incorporate a variety of advanced features that set them apart from other types of electrical fireplaces. Some of the features of Multi-Fire™ fireplaces include:
  • Patented Dimplex Electric Fireplace flame effect
  • 10-year warranty
  • 32-inch firebox with over 700-square inch viewing area
  • Realistic hand-finished electric fireplace logs with natural inner glow and pulsating embers
  • Slow start/Fading embers - Electric fireplace logs start slowly, fade to glowing embers
  • Fireplace flicker adds the realism of a wood fire
  • Controls that allow you to choose a soft soothing glow, or the appearance of a hot crackling fire
The Dimplex electric fireplace is a great option for those who are looking for realistic electric fireplaces. Keep in mind, however, that Multi-Fire™ is just one of several fireplaces that Dimplex manufactures. There are a variety of electric fireplaces that you can choose from to suit your needs.

Electric Fireplace Logs: Great Replacement For Wood Or Gas

Many people find that wood fireplaces are difficult to manage with wood storage, drafty flue, and potential safety issues. Gas logs have their own set of challenges with pilot light, gas leak and operating cost concerns. Electric fireplace logs are a great replacement option because they are simple to install, require no maintenance and provide the look, feel and warmth of a fire that you can enjoy year round.

Electric fireplace logs provide a safe alternative without sacrificing the ambiance of realistic looking embers, flames and heat. Realistic flame technology is providing a growing number of people with the option to enjoy a beautiful electric fireplace anywhere and at anytime of the year.

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