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Dissecting Electric Fireplace Inserts: How They Work

Electric fireplace inserts are able to be plugged-in. All that is needed for use is an electric outlet. The electric fireplace comes factory pre-wired, making installation a breeze. All the buyer is required to do is place it into their existing firebox and plug the unit in. There are no gas fittings, no masonry work, no holes in exterior walls, and no roofing contractor necessary because neither unit requires ventilation.

There are two unique designs for an electric fireplace insert. The first is a plug-in four-sided box that exists as an entire electric fireplace unit. These units come in various shapes and sizes and would become part of a mantel or media cabinet. The second design for an electric fireplace insert is an electric fireplace log insert. It is an electric log set that is inserted into an existing gas or wood fireplace.

Allow Retrofitting Of Existing Gas Or Wood Fireplaces

Traditional fireplaces require a great deal of maintenance. Chimneys must be cleaned on a regular basis and the fireplace structure can often require periodic repair to keep it in good working condition. Furthermore, every gas or wood burning device requires safety barriers and heat proof materials. Electric fireplace inserts, on the other hand, offer an economical alternative to the costly maintenance associated with traditional gas and wood fireplaces.

An electric fireplace log insert brings your fireplace to life in just a few minutes. The logs are lifelike in presentation and produce a realistic flame image. They can produce the ambience of the flame without the associated heat; or they can produce both the visual and physical warming effects of a gas or log fire. The logs sit on a grate which houses the heater and lighting effects. They are safe to operate and clean while only costing an estimated three cents an hour without the heat or eight cents with the heat turned on.

Add An Electric Fireplace Insert To An Entertainment Center

A plug in electric fireplace inside an entertainment center is a perfect combination of the aesthetics of a fireplace with the utility of a media center. By combining the two, individuals who enjoy the ambience of a fire can spend more time with their family and friends in their living and family rooms. Available in a variety of sizes, electric fireplace inserts can be paired with a mantel cabinet, corner unit, or entertainment center. The unit can be moved and rearranged just like other furniture and can be placed anywhere there is an electrical outlet.

An added bonus of the electric fireplace insert is the ability to provide zone heating in the rooms constantly used by the entire family, rather than heating the entire house, where many rooms are unoccupied for the majority of the day. Each unit provides 5,000 BTUs per hour of heat by using a quiet fan that forces the heat generated by the insert into the room. The value of this feature is its potential savings on heating bills during the coldest months.

Electric Fireplace Heaters Provide Substantial Warmth Without Associated Hazards

Much of the versatility of inserts come from the fact that they are electric fireplace heaters. Electric fireplace heaters can provide as much as 10,000 BTUs of heat without the fumes associated with gas fireplaces or the smell of a wood fire. Many people enjoy the aroma and heat of burning wood; however, individuals with allergies oftentimes experience breathing difficulties when they are around one. With electric fireplace heaters, they can experience the heat and ambience of a fire without experiencing an allergic reaction.

Electric fireplace inserts, whether they are independent plug in units or electric fireplace log inserts, are an excellent way of including the beauty and warmth of a fire in your home without having to mess with the associated aspects of gas or wood burning devices. They also allow individuals with allergies the comfort of a traditional fireplace without the smoke that can cause them respiratory distress. They are inexpensive to operate, can fit into most rooms, and are wonderful additions to a variety of lifestyles.

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